Roots and Culture Reggae with Hip-Hop/Soul, Rock and R/B and African Drum and Dance


Matthew “M.D.” McCoy

MD stands for the Music Doctor.  This is a name given to Matthew McCoy from folk in North Nashville, in particular those persons affiliated with Cobalt Blue and the artist community.  No he doesn’t have any degree’s in music but he has a natural gift and ear for music.  He is a musician, a producer, a writer, a performer, a scholar and foremost…an Artist.  Born and raised in Little Rock, Ark., MD came to Nashville, TN. to pursue graduate school at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  He has taught at Fisk University for the last ten years.  This may seem like a separate topic, however, MD’s scholarship has always influenced his art…or rather…his art has always informed his scholarship…they come from the same place…the desire to be a positive vibration and embrace and celebrate life.

His primary instrument is the guitar.  He loves to play the bass though he would not call himself a bass player.  He can find his way around the keys and he is also learning to play other instruments as well.  In production he prefers to work with writers by producing music that helps to bring out the story they are telling.

He has produced tracks for other artist’s, appeared as guest emcee and vocalist on record, performed with other artists live as emcee/vocalist and musician.  He is currently working on multiple projects, including his own and an MD and Cobalt Blue project.  He is the primary song writer and front man for MD and Cobalt Blue.






Ronald “Doc” Hayes

The Bass bottom from Ronald “Doc” Hayes has been the glue to the overall sound of MD and Cobalt Blue for the past 10 years.  Born and reared in the Music City, Doc’s talents have been utilized in various groups and projects on many stages and festivals across the Southeastern U.S. for the last 27 years.  Ron’s motto is simply this, “it’s all about the music!”




Kevin “Owl Boy” Webb

My name is Kevin (Owl Boy) Webb.  I’ve been playing drums since before I was born.  I started playing when I was two or three years old.  I have been creating music every since I was three or four years old.  Over the years I’ve played with many great and some famous people.  I’ve played behind CeCe Winans in Atlanta, opened up for Tina Turner, the Commodores and many, many more.  I have played most of the major colleges in the state of Tennessee.  I started playing drums in church as a young boy and as I’ve gotten older music has become a spiritual thing more than anything else.  I love when I’m playing and feel the spirit of the “Most High” God come over me and see others feel the same spiritual positive vibrations as in the beginning when God said let there be light.  So all of God’s creatures let your light shine so the world can see your good works.  Amen.  This is Bizzle, forshizzle, signin izzle, pizzle…




Ahmed Aziz

Ahmed Aziz – Composer, Keyboard player, and percussionist. born in Tallahassee, FL born to a musical family and introduced to music at a very young age and attended the w o smith school of music and took private lessons. More recently Ahmed graduated from TSU in 2010 with a degree in music, and is currently working on a masters degree in music education with plans on being a band director. Ahmed has been with Cobalt Blue since early 2008 and is hopeful for many more years to come.




Jameel Aziz

Jameel, pretty boy meel, Aziz: Piano player, melody maker, and percussion specialist. Freshman Music Business Major at Tennessee State University. I am the youngest of two boys. My mother is the music teacher at Robert E. Lillard and my father is the transportation director at Mckendree Village. I have been playing piano for about 6 years constantly and i have been a drummer for about 10 years. I am going to college to broaden my musical horizon and I would like to become an artist manager or record label owner. My goal in this band is to become the greatest band worldwide and bring amazing music to everyone who can hear. Cobalt Blue takin’ off like a rocket!




Isis Swink

Isis Swink moved from St. Louis, Mo to Nashville, TN. Isis brought her vocal style and songwriting ability to the band in early 2010. Isis describes her style as fun, hip rock with a reggae vibe. Isis is also president of Rarejewel Designs, a visual arts company, Co-founder of Partners in Prosperity, a community based outreach program teaching communities to heal themselves with natural remedies and lastly she is organizer of Nashville’s Natural hair group.